8 basic tricks every strapless kitesurfer should learn

Strapless kitesurfing is an incredible experience. However, you need a clear knowledge of surfboard riding to enjoy every bit of it. Below, we’ve listed the 8 basic tricks every strapless kitesurfer should learn. These are easy and straightforward tricks to learn and you wouldn’t need to burn much energy to master the act.

So, here are the 8 basic tricks every strapless kitesurfer should learn;

Toeside To Heelside Jibe

The most effortless approach to pivot ceaselessly. Just put the weight behind you and play out the downwind turn.

Heelside to Toeside Jibe

Keep up speed all through the transform by making the kite fly past 12 into the new course – cut the weight up before the kite’s power kicks in.

Upwind Tack

The most specialized and the quickest method to turn the board around. Ride with speed opposite to the breeze. Push your back foot and send the nose of the board straight into the breeze. Pull the bar and change the switch position. Send your kite into the new side of the breeze window.

Back Roll Tack

Send the nose of the load up against the breeze with the kite at 12 o’clock, and afterward push the load up’s tail around with the back leg.


Point the board into the breeze, push down hard with the back foot, and lift the front foot.

180 Transition Jump

Slow down, cut into the wind, send the kite toward 12 0’clock, pop/ollie, get the weight up, divert the kite, sheet in, turn the load up around, toss it into the water and ride away.

Pop to Blind

Get your kite high at 11 o’clock, cut sharp upwind and pop, discharge the bar, turn your head down and around.

Back Roll

At medium speed, send your kite up and venture back to the tail of the weight up, cut a little turn upwind with the kite at 12 o’clock. Pull down on the bar to start take-off. Push down on the impact point of your back foot, twist your front leg, and let the nose of the barricade rise. Noticeable all around, utilize the back foot to push the tail of the board the ideal way.


So that’s it, the 8 basic tricks every strapless kitesurfer should learn. However, it doesn’t stop here, there’re lots of other tricks available out there to learn. Ensure you keep practicing in other to get perfect in no time.

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