Cast Iron Pan Cleaning and Upkeep

So, you’ve been using your cast iron pan for quite some time and you’ve started noticing it needs cleaning and upkeep right? Some top-quality cast iron pan takes every little time and energy to clean while others may take longer. Below, we’ve discussed the various methods or approach you can utilize in keeping your cast iron pan clean.

Cast Iron Pan Cleaning and Upkeep

Your First Cast Iron Cleaning

In the event that you are simply stripping the sticker off that new Lodge skillet or you discovered one at a second-hand shop — the absolute first thing you ought to do is wash the skillet. This washing will be marginally not quite the same as everyday upkeep since we will recommend hot, lathery water! Possibly you’ve heard that you shouldn’t utilize a cleanser on cast iron, however that is not actually obvious.

With regards to new and utilized skillets — a little cleanser and water is something to be thankful for. This first wash eliminates manufacturing plant buildup or rust pieces. Ensure you flush and dry the dish well after this first washing. You’ll probably just need to wash your skillet with a cleanser on more than one occasion per year on the off chance that you take great consideration of it.

Cast Iron Upkeep

Whenever you’ve washed, seasoned, and appropriately put away your cast iron, you’ll presumably need to cook with it. May we propose eggs? More on that below, however, it is useful as an amateur to know how you’ll clean and keep up your skillet consistently. First of all, it is simplest to clean your dish while it is still warm.

  • Wash with warm water and utilize a brush or scrubber to eliminate stuck-on pieces. On the off chance that you utilized sufficient fat for cooking, you probably won’t require in excess of a brisk flush with warm — yet not foamy — water and a delicate scour. You can likewise utilize a delicate brush or plastic dish scrubber to eliminate stuck-on food.
  • For truly stuck-on food, scour with salt and oil, flush, and wipe clean. If washing and cleaning aren’t sufficient, pour a couple of tablespoons of canola oil and a couple of tablespoons of fit salt into the container and utilize a paper towel to scour the skillet with this combination until it tells the truth, at that point wash.
  • Dry the dish and coat it with a dainty layer of oil. Dry the cast iron with a spotless towel and afterward place it over low warmth. Add a meager layer of more oil, however, ensure the oil doesn’t pool anyplace — one teaspoon cleaned across the whole cooking surface is perfect for most dishes.
  • Store until prepared to use. Cool the skillet and store until prepared to cook once more.

Quick Dos & Don’ts of Cooking in Cast Iron

  • Don’t be scared of eggs, tomatoes, or fish in cast iron; Some of these plans take practice, however don’t fear attempting them. You can peruse more about that here.
  • Do be careful about what you first make in your skillet; Follow our guide to the initial five things to make in your cast iron skillet and you’ll be headed to a totally prepared accomplice in the kitchen.
  • Do utilize delicate utensils like wood, silicone, and rubber; The intermittent metal fish spatula or hotcake turner is OK, yet attempt to dodge loads of metal utensils in your dish – particularly while developing the flavoring.
  • Try not to store food in cast iron; It is terrible for the container and awful for the food.
  • Do clean the container right away; And maintain a strategic distance from drenching it.


So that’s how far we can go on our cast iron cleaning and upkeep practices. Be that’s it may, we’ll keep updating the list as new pans unfolds and may require a different cleaning method.

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