How To Fix A TV That Has A Picture But No Sound

So, a friend reached out to me and said he turned on his LCD TV and there was no sound coming from the speakers although pictures were on display. The question now is how would he detect and fix the no sound issue.

First of all, lot of things can cause a no sound issue in TVs. It might be a cable issue, or the TV itself. If your TV has an image yet no sound coming out of the speakers, there are a couple of things you can without much of a stretch check.

Before going into serious troubleshooting, you need to check and make sure the volume of the tv isn’t muted. If that’s checked and problem still persist, the follow the steps below.

How To Fix A TV That Has A Picture But No Sound

TV Has No Sound: Questions And Answers

Beginning with the most well-known answers for no sound from TV:

TV Has No Sound Answer 1: Make sure TV isn’t muted.

TV Has No Sound Answer 2: Make sure the TV isn’t set to SAP (secondary sound convention)

TV Has No Sound Answer 3: Make sure TV input is correct (someone may have inadvertently squeezed the “aux” input button or comparable making the TV utilize a input with no sound going to it)

TV Has No Sound Answer 4: Make sure there isn’t a couple of earphones associated with the TV sound out jack as an afterthought or front of your TV.

TV Has No Sound Answer 5: Check the entirety of the cable that are associated into the back of your TV. (it is conceivable the TV was moved somewhat and a cable has gotten disengaged or free)

TV Has No Sound Answer 6: If you have a recipient or encompass sound associated with your TV, turn it on and check whether you get sound coming from the outer speakers.

TV Has No Sound Answer 7: Turn off the TV, cable box, and whatever else associated with the TV. Some of the time walking out on can fix the issue.

TV Has No Sound Answer 8: If utilizing an “S” video cable into a input on the rear of your TV, these cables convey no sound, just video, so ensure you associate a sound cable as well.

TV Has No Sound Answer 9: Hook up an outside gadget to the “television sound out” input. This will be the test to check whether it is a TV circuit board breakdown or the speakers are defective in your TV.

TV Has No Sound Answer 10: If you are associated with a satellite box, utilize the included distant and go into the “menu”. Check to ensure sound settings are set effectively.


So, that’s it. If after you’ve followed these steps and your TV hasn’t produced sound yet, then you’ll need to employ the service of a professional.

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